Welcome to the hohle gasse: William Tell and Gessler

Basic but impressive

The Foundation for the Protection of the HOHLE GASSE offers visitors a basic but impressive introduction to the history and folklore surrounding this historic site.

The William Tell story comes to life

The William Tell story comes to life in the HOHLE GASSE information pavilion. Visitors can experience, see, feel and hear the events for themselves. The exhibition is available in five languages. Each of the five display windows in this modern presentation looks at a different theme:?

  • The HOHLE GASSE as a historic transport route, early trading links, the importance of the region.
  • Central Switzerland’s view of the William Tell story, the key moments in William Tell’s unusual life from his refusal to greet Gessler in Altdorf through to the shooting of his enemy in the HOHLE GASSE.
  • William Tell in history, references in the chronicles, William Tell over the years, the importance of the William Tell figure in Swiss history.
  • William Tell as a figure in world literature; Goethe, Schiller (world premiere of the play «William Tell» in Weimar in 1804), Rossini.?
  • The Foundation for the Protection of the HOHLE GASSE, the fight to save the HOHLE GASSE from through traffic, Swiss schoolchildren as owners of the commemorative site.